Uploading VMs and ISO/FLP files

vCloud Director can be used to upload existing VMs as well as ISO or FLP files.

Uploading existing VMs

Upload existing vm

1) Switch to the Catalogs tab to display all the catalogues available in your vOrg.

2) Switch to the vApp Templates tab.

3) To start uploading, click on the symbol

Upload existing vm2

5) Click the Browse... button to select the desired OVF/OVA file or insert the URL where that file is located.

6) Specify a name for the vApp template.

7) Use the dropdown menu to select the catalog which the template should be stored to. To start uploading, click the Upload button.

Upload existing vm3

Please note the following when creating the OVF:

  • Min. HW version 7
  • The name of the VM may not contain any special characters.
  • Convert IDE disks to SCSI disks before creating the OVF.
  • Only SCSI disks can be expanded later on.

Uploading ISO/FLP and other files

ISO / FLP as well as any other files can be uploaded as described in chapter 6.2.1 Uploading existing VMs, above. In step 5, switch to the Media & Other tab instead of vApp Templates.

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